Hi! I’m Helen, the baker behind Duchess of Delights. I have a major sweet tooth. It’s one of my weakness as well as sour candy. Perhaps that is why my girlfriends call me “Sweet and Salty.” Oh! And I love pink, about any shade of pinks. My love of the kitchen started in 1994 when I attempted to heat up chicken noodle soup in a can – which by the way was disastrous because I failed to add water. That unfortunate incident didn’t discourage me; it only made my love blossom!

I took some Culinary Art classes in high school but overall, I’m a self-taught baker. I have been blogging since 2010 but took a break because life happened – school, work, friends, parties, heart breaks, you name it. For years I would bake during the Holidays or birthdays for my friends and they would constantly rave about the goodies I made and suggest that I get a little bakery shop going. And every time I would brush it aside saying that “I’m not good enough.” Well! No more! Here I am!

Duchess of Delights focus is placed on simple and elegant desserts. Elaborate details are kept at a minimal. I feel that clean and simplicity of the design speaks of elegancy. I am devoted to every little crumb I make and everything is made from scratch. I love to experiment with different flavors and techniques. Although I do not have a storefront, I am taking orders out of my private kitchen in Orlando, FL for the locals only at this time.